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A cloud-based data warehouse for rapid retail analysis and artificial intelligence.
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Hundreds of Problems Solved by One Integrated Solution

CATAPULT® Cognition™ consists of four distinct functional quadrants, carefully crafted to elevate retail operations and propel business growth. The Columnar Data Warehouse guarantees efficient and secure long-term storage, complemented by regular synchronization and impressive compression capabilities. Unlock the power of informed decision-making with multi-expression Data Visualization, using powerful dashboards and pivot tables. Place information in secure and easy reach of those who are best positioned to drive optimal results. With the seamless convenience of Cloud API Endpoints, third parties can access and retrieve bulk data in a fast and secure manner. The cutting-edge potential of advanced Predictive and Prescriptive Web Services, powered by AI, offers unrivaled forecasting and recommendations.

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Demystify & Democratize Your Data

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The ability to visualize, dissect and consume information quickly is key to winning in a dynamic and challenging marketplaceIt means shifting from having data to having knowledge. Cognition™ application is a knowledge tool designed to position you and your teams for successThe blazing fast in-memory data cube provides intuitive out of the box industry dashboard templates, DIY drag-and-drop data widgets, KPIs, and powerful pivot tables. This places knowledge in the hands of all decision makers, allowing them to slice and dice quickly down to the truth Cognition is designed to dramatically scale allowing affordable knowledge access throughout your enterprise.   

  • Embedded Visual Analytics with Out of the Box Ready Dashboards and Pivot Tables 

  • In-Memory Data Cube - Highly Performant for Faster Data Analysis 
  • Drag and Drop Editors, View, Edit, and Collaborate
  • Advanced MDX scripting ready
  • Provide specialized KPI monitoring by job management type
  • Designed to exclude personally identifiable information (PII), payment cardholder data, and HIPAA-regulated personal health information (PHI) from Cognition. 

Harness the Power of the Cloud
with Infinite Storage and Computing Power

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CATAPULT® Cognition™ is a highly performant tool, built for extremely fast reads and scalability across your organization. Synthesizing power and ease of use Cognition has the potential to be login ready within 72 hours of onboarding. Once established new data is pushed to every dashboard across your organization in 15-minute intervals. Cognition makes data your competitive advantage by putting it in the hands of decision-makers across your organization. 

Powerful Statistical Forecasting
and Artificial Intelligence 

CATAPULT® Cognition™, provides a dependable and sturdy platform that addresses your predictive and prescriptive Artificial Intelligence needs. Through our Advanced Machine Learning technology, we are able to offer personalized recommendations to your customers via our web service. Our recommendation system, RecSys, has consistently shown to increase the size of customer orders while providing a delightful and satisfying online shopping experience.

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Cognition was designed from the ground up to provide the needed data architecture that will allow you to take full advantage of advanced machine learning, natural language processing, and advanced statistical modeling, now, and in the future.  

Cognition™ has an advanced statistical model that can offer immediate item-level demand forecasting. The Demand Fill 3 (DF3) model utilizes up to two years of data related to movement, seasonality, events, price, on-hand inventory, promotions, and ad sales to generate accurate item replenishment orders. This model is designed to meet the requirements of your customers and to optimize inventory turnover.

Pricing that Fits Your Needs

Every retail enterprise has different needs, so why are we all paying the same price? Break free from the mold of traditional solutions with CATAPULT Cognition® and enjoy cost-effective access to actionable data.


"CATAPULT COGNITION™ exemplifies ECRS’ commitment to giving our customers a competitive winning edge. We designed COGNITION™ to be affordable, powerful, and accessible. This solution provides a bedrock data foundation to meet the growing data demands of AI now, and for the foreseeable future.."


Pete Catoe
ECRS Founder & CEO


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