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Orlando, FL •  September 12-15, 2024

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Transforming Transactions into Relationships™

The Right Solutions for Your Enterprise

Every business’s needs are different, so why do software vendors insist on selling the same handful of options to every retailer? Stop by our booth for a LIVE demo to learn more about the unique combination of products that will make the most impact for you.

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Customer Engagement

Delight your customers online and instore with personalized promotions, tailored recommendations using AI, and everything in between. Encourage repeat business and boost customer spend with the help of automated marketing campaigns.

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Inventory Management

Don't let out-of-stocks and delayed price updates take a bite out of your profits. Discover the power of artificial intelligence and automation that empowers you to accurately forecast demand, effortlessly manage inventory, streamline purchase orders, and more.

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The Latest Innovations

Stay ahead with the newest retail technology that increases operational efficiency and profitability. Experience the power of CATAPULT® Cognition™, the robust business intelligence tool for rapid retail analysis; AutoScale™ Max, the industry's only truly integrated deli scale with the largest roll in the world; and more, including a brand new product to be unveiled at ECRS' booth.

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Having Trouble Costing Prepared Food items?

Increase your gross profit by 5-10% with accurate food costs and less busy work than ever before. 

Ask us about reciProfity to learn how our cutting-edge technology makes food costing, recipe management, and inventory control as easy as pie.

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Workshop #1

Inventory Management 101: Best Practices on Entering Inventory Efficiently 

thursday, september 12 | 1-2:30 pm

Data is king when it comes to using CATAPULT® and nailing down the best process for entering inventory data is critical to your long-term success. So how do you manage it all? What are some of the standard operating procedures you should have in place to ensure you’re consistently inputting "good" data that optimizes inventory management? In this session, we will go over all the tips & tricks you need to implement to ensure you are managing inventory in the most efficient manner, which allows you to optimize and streamline operations for ordering and receiving, meeting customer’s needs, and more. We will also review all the aspects of inventory data that affect your ability to seamlessly implement other time-saving and money-making modules, like made-to-order, produce recognition, WebCart, and more. Sign up today! You don’t want to miss these expert insights. 

Workshop #2

From Inception to Execution: LoyaltyBot®’s Welcome Back Campaign 

Thursday, September 12 | 2:30 – 3:45pm 

Are you ready to level up your marketing efforts? Do you have some shoppers that you haven’t seen in a while that you want to get back into your store to blow them away with the unique value and experience you have to offer them? It may be time to implement a “Welcome Back” campaign to intrigue those shoppers and turn them into loyal customers.

In this workshop, ECRS experts will take you on a deep dive to show you how to create and execute a “Welcome Back” LoyaltyBot campaign (invites back customers who haven’t shopped within the last X days) from start to finish using the SendGrid Email platform. 

Together, we will:

  • Review the differences of the Design Editor and Code Editor in SendGrid
  • Review the components of SendGrid's Design Editor
  • Build a beautiful email using the drag-and-drop Design Editor
  • Set up a coupon for $X OFF of $X+, ensuring a strong ROI on the campaign
  • Review how you can apply the same concepts to other LoyaltyBot campaigns/triggers

Round Table Discussion

All About Loyalty

Thursday, september 12 | 3:45 – 4:45pm 

  • How are you promoting your loyalty program?
  • What kind of successful LoyaltyBot campaigns have you run?
  • How did you decide on the branding of your loyalty program?
  • What different ways do you allow customers to associate themselves with a transaction?
  • What is your current loyalty onboarding process? Is it working well for you or are you looking for new ways for them to onboard? 
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Come meet Susan Daniel,

ECRS Supply Chain Expert

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